This is the deluxe maxi-version of the popular and hilarious Stretch Duck. Not only is he able to grow from 6" TO 36" (and shrink instantly to his original state or anywhere in between), but his head turns from side to side. And he "talks" (when you provide the voice, of course), with a mouth that opens and closes with the head in any height position! The mouth lever is hidden on the lower end of the headpost. Perfect for use from a puppet stage. $125.00 postpaid

Stretch your imagination or shrink me 'til I'm gone;
I'm a versatile duck, just see what I've done.
Peek-a-boo is a game I love to play;
"How does he do it!" children laugh and say!

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  1. I actually like its versatility. Only a few stuff toys can be turn out that way.