Several years ago we came up with this popular little fellow, then he was placed in the cleaning closet and the door was shut. Now he is back, better than ever. New and improved!

You'll clean up with this puppet! "Scrubby is made from two Plungers. He has Scrub Brushes for feet and Cleaning Brushes for hands and arms. All can be turned in any direction. A Pot belly (body) and two types of hair (Mop & Brush). Plus eyes, of course. You can have him assembled pre-show, or you can actually quickly assemble him on stage as part of the act! Head turns, fo course, and the creative mouth design allows it to be opened and closed from the hidden control lever. Lots of surprising fun.

Brush away your worries. Clean house and mop up the competition! Ministry routine and special song included. SCRUBBY $125.00 plus $10.00 shipping.


  1. how high is he?
    how wide is his mouth?
    thanking u

  2. Hi Kevin,I saw your Scrubby on Clintons site & thought I might share an idea with you. Have u thought about "design/plan" from God's perspective? The user of scrubby could talk about how God designed us rather than accidentally happening thru evolution. Your scrubby could start off as bits in a bag, which could be shaken around showing that they cannot become anything by accident. Then the parts could be assembled in front of everyone saying & showing that it needs a designer to complete scrubby. Just a thought.....Geoffrey, Australia.

  3. Just by the use of these cleaning tools, you can already make something. Very resourceful.