Baby Stretch Duck! $35.00
(Postpaid USA)
It's almost magic! One second he's short and the next minute he's tall! Or any height inbetween. Head turns right to left, too!

Stretch your imagination. So versatile. Peek-A-Boo would be a game he could play, from behind a couch or door. Hillarious! "Read your Bible and pray everyday" is one of his favorite tunes - when its time to "grow, grow, grow", just look at what his neck can do! OR, change the words to "read and study everyday" for programs at school, work and play. Perfect for use from a puppet stage, of course.

The head turns from side to side. "Double-takes" are especially funny. Baby Stretch Duck can grow 9" to 24"! With a little help from you he can almost touch the ceiling! A comical duck that grows and shrinks; peeks and nods. Add this little guy to your team today and watch kids laugh and say "HOW DOES THAT NECK GROW!?"


  1. does the mouth still open & close when the neck is fully extended? ie, can he still talk with a long neck?

  2. The mouth on this Baby Stretch Duck does NOT open and close.