"Ultimate Vent Stand"!

Yes, this is a true ventriloquist stand. Extremely strong top that can hold any ventriloquist doll or puppet of any size. You can raise the stand up and down for your position comfort. But, there is MORE! This table top comes ALIVE! Amaze your audience and friends with the beautiful table top which turns into a true Ventriloquist Prop with side to side self-centering eyes and big easy to see moving mouth!

So simple to operate with one hand! Controls
are concealed in the rear of the table where no one can see them, and yet you can operate them inconspicuously! Order the complete Ultimate Vent Stand unit with mic stand, base and talking table top: $195.00. Or, order the Ultimate Table Top only for use with your own stand: $165.00. WOW - what great FUN! Performance routine included, written by Sonja Detweiler who has been writing vent routines and books for the past 30 years! (Prices postpaid USA)

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